How to write a blog using blogger with google

This is the first question every person asks who is new to Blogging World.

How to write a blog using blogger with google

As for me, I deleted it without reading. Hey, I just found your post: Otherwise, they would probably already be signed up to your email list. Sharks These are the people with a huge audience and notable achievements think Gary VaynerchukMalcolm GladwellTim Ferrissetc.

Just Deleted Your Outreach Email. And NO, I Don’t Feel Sorry.

It will take a ton of work and probably luck to get on their radar, but these people can send hundreds of customers your way with just a single tweet. So the outcome is well worth the effort. Big Fish These people are not as famous as the Sharks, but their audience is big enough to make an impact on your own business think Noah KaganNathan BarryGlen Allsoppetc.

Asking Big Fish for tweets and links is unproductive and sillyyou will get much more value by asking them to critique your work or validate your ideas. Their websites are only starting to get traction and they are actively promoting themselves by contributing to niche communities, writing guest articles and participating in all sorts of events.

They are your ideal outreach targets. As you have probably guessed, you should focus your outreach efforts on two groups: For example, my own email address is listed on our team page for everyone to see: If you need a good process of finding email addresses, check out our recent article: But what will THEY get out of it?

And besides, people with large audience need a constant flow of awesome content to cater to their fans, so they will be grateful if you show them something of value. - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free.

Research your topic well before contacting top people in your field and be realistic about the novelty and uniqueness of your offering. So why not use this to your advantage? This can be anything really: This aligns with the tip that I just shared above: But the reality is, most people think every article they publish is a masterpiece.

Did it get tons of upvotes on Reddit? Did someone famous tweet it?

Reasons To Not Blog Using Blogger or Blogspot - Search Engine Journal Gracious Comes with an extensive documentation containing screenshots to help you even better, So, We'll suggest you to kindly take some time to read through the documentation included in the template zip package. If you still have any problems, please feel free to ask for the assistance via our contact form.

Did you get cited by authority website in your niche? Anything along these lines will make your outreach email stand out massively.

Take a look at my example: Try to get some initial traction with your article and then use it as your social proof when reaching out to people. A decent excuse would look like this: Most people never bother to study their outreach prospects, and this is how they find themselves featured as bad outreach examples: Reading every article before you reach out and figuring a proper excuse for outreach might sound like a ton of work.

Let me explain what I mean with an example. As well as the actual strategy of getting traffic from them. Please check out our recent post for more details:So, This is another Boring Author Box Below Each and Every post, Where I have to write about Myself that I am a Blogger and all that.

how to write a blog using blogger with google

Lets make it simple, Visit About Us page to know About Me. Circle me on Google . I don’t really want to spend more than 20 minutes a day on writing articles.

And I spent no more than 20 minutes to write this article. I realize this is writing blasphemy. Internet marketing is powered by content, and content is king. But when I have a daily schedule to post on and a business to.

Note: If your blog is not monetized, or it’s only configured to use AdSense using the Blogger-AdSense integration, then you do not need to manually set up Blogger will do this for you.

Here's How to Start a Blog:

Read more about for AdSense. It all starts with the first blog post. I know I’ve been through that stage. You’ve got mixed feelings: A bit of euphoria: You picture yourself as a successful blogger, and you believe that blogging is .

Goals give you inspiration. by providing an end point, but habits weave inspiration into the core of your being and make it automatic.. Instead of saying, “I want to finish my manuscript,” say “I want to write 30 minutes per day.” The second statement comes without the pressure of expectation.

And while Blogger is not Google’s marquee or sexiest product, Blogger is firmly within the whole “Google ecosystem.” If you use any Google product, then you already have a Blogger account. And this integration makes so many little things easier.

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