How to write a synopsis for a novel

Return to Content How to plot a romance novel Almost every romance novel is about the relationship between two people. Some novels focus on triangular love situations. A strong plot is the difference between keeping your reader turning the pages and abandoning the book.

How to write a synopsis for a novel

I mean, look at the task: It also has to 1 still make sense, 2 cover all the important points of the story and 3 be interesting enough to catch the eye of a jaded editor who probably reads thirty or forty synopses a week. Seems like you'd have better luck realigning the Hubble with a PDA, right?

Yet the synopsis represents the writer's first and foremost selling tool, and it's safe to say that composing an effective synopsis is as important as writing a great novel. In today's market, you simply cannot sell your novel without a synopsis, so it's imperative to learn how to do them the right way if you want to get into print.

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Your Guide To An Effective Novel Synopsis | Planning the Layout for Your Visual Story I first wrote this article inand just yesterday April 22, got an email with a slew of questions in it. I realized pretty quickly that I needed to expand and update this one.
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When you create a synopsis, what you're doing is presenting an overview of your novel. The main goal is to outline the characters, setting, plot and conflicts in your story.

Let's go over what you need to put one together: Format The format of a novel synopsis is: Avoid dot matrix printers, and if you send a photocopy, make sure it's as dark as the original.

Ingredients Now that you have your format prepared, it's time to write the synopsis. You'll need the following information from your novel: Characters — identities, goals, motivations and conflicts of the characters central to the plot.

Setting — a brief description 3. Plot — the main and subplots of your story 4. Sequence of events — how the story progresses 5. Theme — what's the point of this novel? You're already getting nervous, right? Writing a synopsis is like drawing a very detailed map to show a stranger how to get to your house.

You know where you live, you know how to get there, you only need to tell someone else who has never been there how to do that.

how to write a synopsis for a novel

Same thing with a novel synopsis. Going back to the map analogy, this is like telling someone about the neighborhood where you live. They have to; the aquatic pilots can't survive away from their native underwater environment on Kevarzangia Two for more than brief periods.

Mainly they deal with remnant ordinance and space traps left behind by both sides, and which are hazards to the influx of refugees fleeing the war. Viehl In that opening paragraph, I've briefly introduced you to my protagonist, Dair, her world, and the job she's performing as the novel opens. I've also touched on three of the most important conflict elements of the novel: By reading this paragraph, you know a little about Dair and her neighborhood.

There are no exceptions to this rule. The next paragraph s of the synopsis are what I refer to as the trigger, or where you present what sets off the main conflict of your novel. What's going to happen to shake up the characters and the world that you've just shown the reader?

You don't have to present the entire plotline in a nutshell, but you should introduce the element of change that triggers the main conflict. Gamble doesn't need any more headaches. Mardi Gras starts in two days, his caseload is a nightmare, and his mother Elizabet wants him to quit the force, marry socialite Moriah Navarre, and enter the political arena.

Being called in on an arson case at an abandoned warehouse by the Chief Fire Marshal, his brother Cortland, is the last straw.

When gubernatorial candidate Marc LeClare's burned body is recovered, he has no choice but to take Sable in for questioning. That single event sets all of the other events of the novel in motion.

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Look at your story to find the same kind of key moment, event or trigger, and present that after your opening paragraph. The body of the synopsis follows the opening and the trigger paragraphs, and this is where you present the sequence of events in your novel.

Don't try to write a summary of every chapter in sequence. Select the most important elements of each chapter and present them in the order that they make sense.

How to Write a Book: A Proven Step Guide from a Time Bestseller

Give your reader directions to make their way through your story. Finally, you should have a wrap-up paragraph s at the very end of the synopsis, which clearly states your ending, and also resolves the main conflict.

A spirit-image of Gideon joins them, and tells the council that Jax and Matthias have proven themselves by finding his killer, and are worthy of Alenfar. Matthias suggests that because they let Unger become possessed and murder Gideon, the council is powerless, and their threats are nothing but bluffs.

Before he fades away, Gideon smiles at Jax, who finally understands why he chose her — not just for Alenfar, but for Matthias, who has been like a son to him.My task this week is to write a one-page synopsis of my novel for use in an advanced novel-writing workshop.

Would that I could do a page synopsis! Your approach will be priceless in guiding me through the challenge. Armed with this rather cliché example, it’s time to write the first synopsis for your own novel. As we continue through our step by step method, we’ll pause after each major new creative effort to fold what you’ve just developed into a revised synopsis.

how to write a synopsis for a novel

How to write a synopsis is a question on every writer's mind. It's like death and taxes: awful but unavoidable. This article is intended to make it easier for you to know how to write a synopsis - and not just any synopsis, but a compelling and intriguing synopsis that will have literary agents begging to see the rest of the work.

Workshop: Writing the Novel Synopsis. By Sheila Kelly ©, Sheila Kelly. lmost everyone hates or dreads writing a synopsis for their novel; for the longest time I couldn't stand the damn things.

I mean, look at the task: first, you have to condense a five hundred page manuscript down to ten or twenty pages. The word 'synopsis' is sometimes used to mean 'plot plan’ or ‘story outline’, that is, the guideline you write yourself as a map to write your novel.

That is a specific tool for you alone. In the writing of your novel, you probably deviated from your original plot plan, modified it, perhaps even discarded it. How to Write a Synopsis for a Children's or Teen Book [Article] (Writing for Children and Teens: A Crash Course 2) - Kindle edition by Cynthea Liu.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or Cynthea Liu.

Writing a Synopsis from the Ground Up