Sample action research report evaluation1

Mock Action Research Proposal Presentation As you prepare for your Final Project, take this opportunity to create a mock presentation using PowerPoint, or other professional presentation software and present your action research proposal to your peers through? Your visual presentation must include all nine components of the action research plan and follow the guidelines for creating effective presentations as discussed in the required and recommended video tutorials located in the recommended and required readings section. In order to ensure your viewers experience the full effect of your mock proposal, it is imperative that your voice and a visual presentation complement each other as you explain all nine of its components.?

Sample action research report evaluation1

Creating an Inclusive Elementary School Tech Club Statement of the Problem Gender inequality in technology use remains, despite the use of technology in the classroom for the past twenty years and attempts to improve the circumstances.

Girls are not best served by the way technology is used and taught in schools. While girls value projects that allow for group work and collaboration, computer use is typically independent work in a computer lab and does not take advantage Sample action research report evaluation1 the collaborative possibilities offered by technology nor allow it in many projects.

Classroom assignments that utilize technology often limit the aesthetic choices students are allowed to make, valuing a typed report over photographs or video as an acceptable medium of communication, for example.

Tech Clubs often emphasize technology and girls often attach a stigma to belonging to a "technology club. In a society where digital literacy is increasingly important, alienating fifty-one percent of the population and denying females digital literacy and technology skills is unfair.

Students on the Autism Spectrum are often unable to communicate their thoughts, imaginations, and emotions. These students might lack social skills or the ability to "read" a social situation and react accordingly or appropriately. They might be unable to communicate like a typical peer.

Students on the Autism Spectrum are often constrained by these communication difficulties and unable to demonstrate their creativity, intelligence, and imagination.

The increased diagnoses of children on the Autism Spectrum means we must adjust our education system to accommodate them and provide them varied and multiple means of communicating. Communication means dialogue between the student on the Autism Spectrum and a typical student in the school community, and current classroom assignments and projects might not take into consideration the communication limitations some students have.

An Autism Spectrum program at my school gave student classroom support, but these students lacked social situations in which they could interact with typical peers and practice social interactions. Projects that encourage students on the Autism Spectrum to collaborate with their peers and to communicate through differentiated means are important components of an inclusive Tech Club My past efforts with the Tech Club at the elementary school where I work made me want to improve the situation.

I would transform Tech Club to be a more inclusive environment. Girls made valuable contributions to past Tech Club projects that emphasized creativity and artistic expression.

Future Tech Club projects would value and reward collaboration and aesthetic choice in order to match the way girls wanted to use technology. Tech Club would be an equitable environment where girls and boys were allowed matching opportunities to use technology.

Additionally, students who participated in Tech Club would build important digital literacy skills. These are necessary life skills and building these digital literacies in these students is very important.

The school would be different if I made changes to Tech Club. The changes I made would affect more than just Tech Club: Tech Club would be inclusive, honoring the diversity of its participants through the collaborative and individual work the students produced.

Sample action research report evaluation1

Girls and boys would develop important technology skills that increased their digital literacy. Students would collaborate to create multimedia projects that reflected aesthetic choice. Students on the Autism Spectrum would have additional chances for social interactions and communication.

Students in Tech Club would be empowered through their digital literacy. Literature Review Early in my Action Research I conducted a Literature Review to better understand the issues surrounding gender and technology use, the Autism Spectrum, and how projects that built digital literacy might empower individuals.

As I conducted my Literature Review three broad themes emerged. First, there are gender differences in technology use. Second, technology helps people communicate. Third, digital literacy can be empowering and its use builds leadership potential.

My readings helped me better understand these issues and framed my work within this larger body of knowledge. Conducting the Literature Review connected my work to a larger community of knowledge and practice.

Differences exist in the ways elementary school-age girls and boys use technology. Researchers such as Bhargava, Kirova-Petrova, and McNair find that females achieve academically as well as their male peers in technology courses but males spend more time outside of a school environment using computers, and male enrollment in college computer science courses is also higher Accessibility to technology remains a hurdle for many females.

These limitations are communicated in both subtle and blatant ways by the actions of parents, adults, and the mass media; all suggest that computers are not for girls Bhargava et al. According to Bhargava, Kirova-Petrova, and McNair "girls in general view computers and technology as being beyond their capabilities and realm of understanding" This lack of empowerment and inability for girls to make valuable technological contributions in the classroom is limiting to female students Hanor, Oftentimes technology is not taught across the curriculum but rather in ways that interest only boys Bhargava et al.

Boys often dominate the use of technology and computers in the classroom, and girls tend to be nonassertive in their use of computers Bhargava et al. Although females have made great strides towards equality in the classroom, issues persist that prevent females from reaching their fullest potential when it comes to their use of technology.

Girls value interpersonal relationships that are created through computer use.View Essay - Sample Action Research Report Evaluation from EDU at Ashford University.

Running Heading: EVALUATION 1 Sample Action Research Report Evaluation Katosha M. Davis EDU Fundamental86%(14). Running Heading: EVALUATION 2 Area of focus: The purpose of this study is to see how the integration of technology into Ms.

Hollis’ middle school science curriculum would impact her students’ enthusiasm for learning science. It involves teaching and learning because it fosters a learning experience that develops knowledge and skills that promote technological literacy%(14). Sample Action Research Report Evaluation Essay Sample.

Area of focus The area of focus is integrating technology into middle school curriculum to influence the students’ enthusiasm for . While my Action Research Journal traced the progress of many more students in Tech Club, for the purpose of this final report I will explain the reactions of these five students.

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"Paul" is a fifth grade student who participated in . Sample Action Research Report Evaluation The purpose of this assignment is for you to review a FINISHED action research report showing the entire planning process and allowing you to put together visibly, what a finished action research proposal consists of including the planning stage you are responsible for in this course as well as the results portion of the report for which you will be.

Sample action research report evaluation1

In this action research report, the research question(s) “should specify the population of interest, be of interest to the scientific community and potentially to the public, have clinical relevance and further current knowledge in the field” (Farrugia, Petrisor, Farrokhyar, and Bhandari, ).

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