The strange customs of a jewish community in chaim potoks novel the chosen

To a great degree, he is describing not only the lives of the characters in the novel but his own life — ac-cording to Potok, the novel is very much an autobiography of his young-adult life.

The strange customs of a jewish community in chaim potoks novel the chosen

Recommended to Shayantani by: It's a poignant story about friendship, father-son relationship, about 2 Jew families on the other side of the Zionist movement and the reaction of American Jews to the horrors of holocaust.

In fact, Chaim Potok encompasses so many varied topics with in this novel, and he does so with great expertise. The tensions between tradition and modern American life are a frequent theme in any immigrant literature.

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Yet Chaim Potok explores this theme in an unusual and distinctive manner, focusing on the ways in which different Jewish communities react to modernization. He uses complementary and contrasting pairs of characters like Danny Saunder and Reuven Malter and their fathers to study the different ways of balancing Jewish observance with life in twentieth-century America.

The strange customs of a jewish community in chaim potoks novel the chosen

Danny Saunder belongs to the Hasidic sect whereas Reuven is an orthodox Jew. At first glance, they seem as different to the reader as they seem to each other. As Jews, both Reuven and Danny must deal with religious commitments and responsibilities that most children their age do not have to encounter.

Both share an intense competitive drive and a fervent intellectual passion. This forges a friendship between them, which develops through out the novel. Hence, they complement each other: Each teaches and is taught by the other and their relationship is delightful to the eyes!

It is so refreshing to read about a set of friends, not bickering or gossiping and actually doing something constructive.

If only more people were like them! Both the characters have vastly different relationship with their father. While Reuven and David Malter have an open and free relationship built on mutual love and respect, Reb Saunders comes across as a tyrant.

The only time when he speaks to his son is while teaching him. But, since even me and my dad can spend weeks not talking to each other when we are mad, I think I understand. Again, David and Reb Saunders come across as poles apart.

They share different views about the Zionist movement, about science and religion, and they frequently come into conflict.

Still, as the novel progresses, one again sees beyond the superficial appearances to realize how similar they are. The message that, people are not always how they initially appear and we cannot dismiss that which we do not understand, resonate through out the novel.

In The Chosen, personal developments are intricately related to historic events. These events are not merely backdrop for the novel, but contribute significantly to its plot and thematic content. My reason for immensely liking the novel might be briefly personal.

The story of two adolescents trying to reconcile the idea of an all-powerful, all-knowing God within events of random, senseless suffering, struck a chord with me.

Chaim Potok raised several questions, which I myself have pondered countless times. When does thinking for oneself become disrespecting traditions and deep rooted beliefs?

What is the worth of religious ceremonies and rules? And, most importantly If God existed, how could he let this happen? If you have ever asked yourself those questions, you would love this novel! Highest possible recommendation and 5 twinkling stars.The Story Behind the Story Chaim Potok’s debut novel, The Chosen, met with overwhelming critical and popular success upon its release in it was nominated for the National Book Award, won the Edward Lewis Wallant Prize for Jewish fiction, and spent thirty-eight weeks on the New York Times’ best-seller list, including a stint at the.

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The strange customs of a jewish community in chaim potoks novel the chosen

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But strange conclusions result from the group’s tendency to view the concept of rights as pertaining not to all individuals and what they have the right to do, but rather to groups who use government to take away from others the things they think they deserve.

Home; Documents [Preston Shires] Hippies of the Religious Right F(caninariojana.comhguj. The Chosen In the novel, The Chosen, Chaim Potok successfully captures the strange customs of a Je c be lodge through wit and satire. Potoks novel focuses on two Jewish boys, who live in a terra firma where mettlesome standards of achievement are expected of them by their families.

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